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November 17, 2015

Restoration Hardware just opened their flagship RH Modern store (here) right next to my office and it is TO DIE FOR gorgeous . . .

The furniture is insane and has so much Milo Baughman influence and actual designs but done in modern finishes and materials . . . seriously worth a visit if you are in LA!  And while I love love love the pieces, the prices are extremely out of my price range . . . think $3000 a chair! 

So I set out to see if there were other stores out there carrying similar looks and low and behold my good ole faithful Urban Outfitters came to the rescue . . . take a look at some of these similar looks for a whole lot less.
 RH Modern ($2000-$4000)

 Urban Outfitters ($490)

 RH Modern ($355)

 Urban Outfitters ($98)

 RH Modern ($660)

 Urban Outfitters ($149)

 RH Modern (starts at $4195)

Urban Outfitters ($149)

 RH Modern ($1255)

 Urban Outfitters ($279)

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