Its all in the Jeans!

February 20, 2017

Most of my friends and family would agree that I am kind-of a jeans and t-shirt gal . . . I have a lot of different brands of jeans in the hopes of finding the perfect pair  - Rag & Bone, Current Elliot, Seven for all Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Mother, MiH, Frame, Acne, J Brand, Genetic, Banana Republic, Gap . . . the list goes on!   I live in skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans most of the time.  I have to say my favorite for boyfriend jeans are Current Elliot and Mother but I still had not found a favorite skinny jean brand . . . until now and I have found two brands!!!! 

The first is thanks to Mr. Hotpants ordering me a pair as part of my Christmas gift from Banana Republic!   These skinny ankle jeans fit amazing! They are the right length, hold you in at all the right spots, they don't stretch out and get baggy in the knees or butt and they come in a few different washes (oh and they fit TTS and are more affordable than most designer brands).

The other brand is one I have heard AMAZING things about from many of my fav bloggers, IG feeds and friends.  I figured it was time I tried them and I am so happy I did!!! I am in love! They are the American Eagle (I would NEVER have thought to look there) jeggings!!!  They are awesome - they feel like sweatpants but don't stretch out! And most of the time it is buy one get the other 50% off and trust me you will want more than one pair!!! There are tons of finishes and washes (here) too and I would say they run TTS - if you have ever bought at Gap or Old Navy I would say they fit the same as that.

Go check out their other choices - they have cropped, high-waisted, colored-denim . . . all SO good!


Happy Friday

February 17, 2017

We are awaiting "storm-a-ggendon" here in Los Angeles & Orange County --- and as usual I am in heaven while most others are grumbling about it!!! Come on people we get almost 350 days of sunshine and like 9mths of crazy hot weather a year in SoCal!! We have been in a serious drought for the past 8yrs!  This is glorious, well-needed, and stunning! Be happy, enjoy it and relax.

Here's my round-up of the things that grabbed my interest this week . . . 

I think THIS project is genius - I will definitely be following along - mental health should be a #1 priority in this country!

And to go hand-in-hand with the above project I am going to start using THIS website with my oldest daughter who suffers anxiety.  Amazing that this is free for people with children who suffer from anxiety because a $150/hr therapist is not attainable for the majority of  parents

The arena of affordable, super-chic sunglasses has really opened up! I am loving THIS brand and THIS one!

There is a fantastic sale going on right now! You won't want to miss THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS.

I am listening to THIS book-on-tape and I am glued to it - I need all the answers and help I can get!  Great read for working mamas and daddy's!

Keeping Warm

February 9, 2017

We just got back from our  first "official" family mountain/snow trip and let me tell you it was SO much fun that we are already planning where to head to next . . . .Tahoe? Mammoth? Aspen?  The girls loved it and so did the parents . . . nothing like having delicious "whiskey-spiced" hot chocolate then bundling up and going outside to have a snowball fight and build a snowman . . . and the sledding! Don't get me started on how much freaking FUN we had!!! The daddies carved out an amazing sledding course and the kiddos (and parents) could not stop going down! 

So since this was our first trip we had A LOT of gear to buy especially for a family of four!  I did quite a bit of research and wanted to share everything that we ended up buying because it was good stuff!  I will share my stuff today and the kiddos stuff later this week. 

I got this Northface jacket in this beautiful white/cream color and it's gorgeous! (buy here).  I went with their true-fit size guide and got the Small but I wish I had gotten the XS because I would have preferred a more tailored fit but oh well I did not have time to return it before we left (I think I may have my tailor alter it a little bit to get the perfect fit)

I got these pants from Amazon (buy here) and they are the most flattering snow pants I have ever seen!  They fit like a glove (I went by their size chart and got an XS and they fit perfect), kept me warm and dry! 
I have wanted a pair of Sorel "Joan of Arctic" boots forever but had NO real reason to buy them, especially living in SoCal but I decided to bite the bullet and order them for this trip.  I figured they are timeless and will last forever AND they were on sale (buy here).  They did not disappoint - super warm, a bit on the heavy side so if that bothers you then they may not be for you, they kept my feet toasty warm and dry and looked great with everything from my snow-pants, to leggings to skinny jeans.  They run TTS; I normally wear a 6.5 so that is what I ordered and there was plenty of room for my thick winter socks!

I got this set (here) of thermal underwear and WOW do I love them! They are fleece-lined and are incredibly soft and cozy! I got them in black but I am tempted to order them in another color and use them as PJ's

These hats (here) were the perfect buy for the girls and I.  I got a set of 2 (in the pink/ginger combo) and a single black one.  They colors were gorgeous, the knit was extremely soft and kept our heads/ears toasty.  They have some other great color combos too!

I needed some warm boot socks and this pack of 6 did not disappoint!  Cute colors and great value for the money too! (buy here)

And last but not least I could not have survived without this!  We slathered this on the girls cheeks and lips and i put it on my hands like 3 times a day! 

Happy Friday

February 3, 2017

We are currently traveling up to a gorgeous cabin for the weekend to play in the snow, go sledding/tubing and enjoy lots of yummy food, great wine and lots of laughs with some of our dearest friends.  I will be posting all the fun snow gear we bought for this trip next week but today I wanted to share some of the cutest little decor accents I found at West Elm this week . . . 

I neeeeeeeed these cactus!!! How adorable are these!!! (buy here) 

I still sing (at her request) "You are my sunshine" every night to my littlest (and sometimes my big girl when she is having a hard time falling asleep) so this would be super special to see everyday (buy here

I am loving these art-deco inspired marble bookends (buy here)

I can't pick my favorite out of this new collection of Geo marble boxes and dishes (buy here).   I love the white with the gold top but the rectangular grey and white one reminds me so much of Kelly Wearstlers designs (who I adore) . . . I guess I just need them all!

 Have a fantastic weekend

It's the Pits

February 2, 2017

A few months back when I had some ridiculous skin issues going on (I will fill you in on another post) I started thinking about ingredients in beauty products.  For the most part we are pretty much organic and natural when it comes to what we eat/drink and our food/produce and for the girls bath/body products but I had never really given much thought into what I was using on my skin!  

I decided to start with my deodorant; I have been using Degree deodorant for YEARS and while I absolutely love it (no stains, no white marks and NO smell or sweat) I got pretty concerned when I read some of the ingredients - I say "some" because most regular drugstore deodorants don't list ALL their ingredients; which is pretty scary being that I could barely make out the ones they actually listed -- I can only imagine the really bad ones not listed??? 

I read quite A LOT on this and there are plenty of real scientific studies showing that the chemicals in these products (mainly aluminum, parabens and phthalates) are linked to breast cancer, numerous other cancers, Alzheimer's disease, brains diseases, bone disorders, and disrupting hormonal balance.  There is TONS of literature out there but here are two articles I thought were short, clear and easy to understand (the scientific journals can be gruesome to read through).  I really liked this article by Time and this one by GOOP that gave some added information and listed products to try. 

I read many reviews and decided to give a few a try.  I tried three different natural deodorants - all were free of aluminum, parabens and phthalates.  Here are my thoughts on each one and my WINNER!  

The first one I tried was Bali Secrets (buy here).  I wanted to try one that did not have baking soda as an ingredient because I had read many reviews where people got painful looking rashes due to the baking soda (it is used to neutralize odor).  Bali Secrets had a nice smell (although a little too much patchouli for me), it went on really easy (it has a roller-ball top) but it was really wet (its a liquid) and it took a while to dry.  But most important, on the days where I worked out or it was stressful at work and I needed some extra protection - It did not work and I smelled! YUCK - no thanks.

So then I decided that maybe I needed to try a "baking soda" one.  The next one I tried was by Schmidt's and WOW did the Rose + Vanilla smell heavenly!! (natural oils for the scent - but you can also buy "unscented") buy here.  This one is a paste and you have to apply it with the little spoon-like thing that comes with it or apply your fingers; your fingers work better because the heat from your skin helps it melt and spread easier BUT I hated doing this in the morning as it was messy and time consuming.  And after two days of using this I did have a small (not bad) rash that was a little uncomfortable (I was okay with that because most of the stuff I read stated that because your body was getting rid of all the toxins from the old deodorants and getting used to the baking soda it may get a little inflamed but then it will go away and your armpits will be neutralized by the baking soda and the pH will balance out)

So because I didn't like having to spread my deodorant on by my fingers I decided to keep on looking for my winner.   The last one I tried and have fallen in LOVE with is Native Deodorant (buy here).  Here is why I love it!  It comes in regular stick deodorant packaging making it not messy, easy to apply and easy to travel with.  It comes in six yummy scents including an unscented one AND a baking soda free one (for those with very sensitive skin). I have used this on my crazy hard workout days and it WORKS! I don't smell and I don't have sweat running down my arms (sorry if TMI).  I also didn't get a rash from the baking soda so maybe it doesn't have as much in it as the other one did? It is a little thick but as soon as you start rubbing it on, the heat from your underarm helps it soften and glide on easier.  I also think this is the best "unisex" choice out of the ones I tried.

So what do you think? Are you willing to ditch those chemicals, love your skin and organs and try some natural deodorants out?

Hanging Around

February 1, 2017

Since before Thanksgiving I have been strangely attracted to dangly, fun & sparkly earrings. . . its actually not really like me as I usually prefer small, classic pieces but I just can't seem to help myself! They are so fun and can take an outfit from drab to fab in no time.  My favorite shops for them right now are Baublebar and Tuckernuck.  You can usually find some great ones on sale too.   Here are some of the ones I have bought and some I can't wait to add to my collection . . . 

I bought these around Thanksgiving and I have worn them SO much!  They were perfect for the Holiday season with all the dinners and festivities.  Definitely worth the splurge in my opinion (buy here) 

PINEAPPLES!!!!  These are a must-have for summer!!!! (buy here)

Loving the ombre pink-red with these ones . . . (buy here)

Now these are taking my love for pom-poms AND navy to a whole other level!!!  (buy here)

How about you? Are you loving the dangly fun earrings right now or are you sticking with the classics?


Friday's Favs

January 27, 2017

 H A P P Y    W E E K E N D     L O V E L I E S 

I am so ready and excited for the weekend . . . we have a few soccer tournament games (almost all the games have been rained out! can't believe that was the case since Cali has been in a drought for YEARS!!!), I want to start packing for our Big Bear, CA trip that is coming up (and there is lots of snow!!!!) and I have a few things I want to checkoff my "To-Do" list.  

Today I'm starting a Friday "series" post where I am going to share any awesome things I have read or seen during the week; so it will be a mixture of good reads, good sales, food, and good tips . . . and some things that make me laugh - because I am always looking to do that.  So here are my links for this week . . . 

I think we all need to do THIS a lot more than we do. 

Relationship goals - I LOVE these two

Such a great SPLURGE vs. STEAL

I will definitely have to do an official taste test . . . you know, just for good measure

Since we will be picking up ours this weekend to start selling seems fitting to share this.

The cutest & softest hats - they come in a set of 2: perfect for my girlies (and they fit me!)